Update 18/12/2022

Small Update Today with the following changes/additions.

* Increased Orb/Su/Gu/Plat resource gain by 20% in EVENT area for everyone and all difficulties for the rest of the Christmas Season.

* Created New Donor Shop All In One Potion: 20% Exp (Game Wide and Event) and 20% Resource Gain (Orb/Su/Gu/Plat EVENT ONLY) does stack with Donor/HC.

* Added Quad Stat Ring and Quad Stat Amulet Randomized Maker in Aston: Cost 200 gold (hold gold in cursor and use on selected maker).

* Removed Coal Completely as Reward from Christmas Tree so more rewards get handed out.

* Added Christmas Trees in Cameron as a way of Teleporting to Event Area. Candy Canes only claimable from Aston Christmas Tree

Not giving out more Military Points because it is more then fast enough to max out rank. The Exp return from IAC is worth the grind.