Top Players

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1BadassArch Warrior (M)2152 years ago
2LadyArch Monk (F)2152 years ago
3ZenitsuArch Seyan Du (M)2122 years ago
4BudshardcoreArch Warrior (M)1408 months ago
5BudderswarArch Warrior (M)14010 months ago
6BudtersArch Seyan Du (M)14010 months ago
7OecArch Warrior (F)1402 years ago
8GoorooArch Monk (M)1402 years ago
9JamesArch Warrior (M)1402 years ago
10EtherealArch Warrior (M)1402 years ago
11YamArch Warrior (M)1402 years ago
12RryArch Mage (F)1402 years ago
13SamuelljacksonArch Seyan Du (M)1402 years ago
14MinesalotArch Warrior (M)1402 years ago
15NikejrArch Warrior (F)1351 year ago
16NuthbuddersArch Battlemage (M)12710 months ago
17WeaponssArch Warrior (M)1002 years ago
18NostalgiaArch Battlemage (F)861 month ago
19ScrubsArch Mage (M)841 month ago
20AbitorchArch Mage (F)832 years ago
21ShowoffArch Warrior (M)802 years ago
22DominatorArch Seyan Du (M)6011 months ago
23SalsaahuntArch Seyan Du (M)602 years ago
24RuffrayArch Seyan Du (F)601 month ago
25ArtefacialArch Warrior (M)522 months ago
26SidArch Warrior (M)502 years ago
27ForealArch Mage (M)482 years ago
28AfartinthewindArch Mage (M)4126 days ago
29ElbatoArch Warrior (M)3313 days ago
30ElvatoArch Mage (M)3313 days ago
31ButtersArch Warrior (M)3114 days ago
32SlapyourmamaArch Monk (F)302 months ago
33JheiWarrior (M)281 year ago
34FloraWarrior (F)161 month ago
35FaunaMage (F)161 month ago
36BudsWarrior (M)159 months ago
37TrekMage (M)145 months ago
38MakowWarrior (M)133 days ago
39UnkownlightMage (M)132 days ago
40WhosatMage (M)911 months ago
41ValhartMage (M)822 days ago
42WerewolfWarrior (M)75 days ago
43DemonMage (M)55 days ago
44VenturaMage (M)416 days ago
45DembaMage (M)16 hours ago
46WormernMage (M)13 days ago
47ReaperMage (M)15 days ago
48HellMage (M)15 days ago
49MiaMonk (F)18 days ago
50ElbaSeyan Du (F)111 days ago
51GustavaMage (F)112 days ago
52TobaSeyan Du (F)112 days ago
53LabitchMage (M)113 days ago
54ValakonWarrior (M)122 days ago