Top Players

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1JrdkArch Seyan Du (M)2152 years ago
2SmaakArch Mage (F)2152 years ago
3NikeArch Seyan Du (M)2152 years ago
4BongripforjebusArch Monk (F)2152 years ago
5DkjrArch Warrior (M)2152 years ago
6LadyArch Monk (F)2152 years ago
7FloArch Seyan Du (M)1572 years ago
8EpicArch Mage (M)1562 years ago
9SirArch Warrior (M)1551 year ago
10GoonyArch Monk (M)1522 years ago
11BesArch Warrior (F)1402 years ago
12YamArch Warrior (M)1402 years ago
13KennyArch Mage (M)1282 years ago
14DialupArch Battlemage (M)1222 years ago
15SmaakkArch Seyan Du (F)1202 years ago
16XanerArch Mage (M)1012 years ago
17SalaliaArch Warrior (F)1002 years ago
18PentymcpentsArch Seyan Du (M)1002 years ago
19ChunkArch Warrior (M)702 years ago
20SmaakjrArch Mage (F)512 years ago
21SlothArch Mage (F)502 years ago
22ForealArch Mage (M)482 years ago
23ChickenArch Warrior (M)472 years ago
24KermitArch Warrior (F)4119 days ago
25DeathklaatArch Seyan Du (F)402 years ago
26MouthArch Warrior (F)402 years ago
27DeekayArch Mage (F)362 years ago
28AstoniaArch Mage (M)352 years ago
29MotownArch Warrior (M)324 months ago
30EnhancerWarrior (M)311 month ago
31LennexArch Monk (M)302 years ago
32MatildaArch Warrior (F)302 years ago
33EmperorArch Warrior (M)301 year ago
34VivieneWarrior (F)304 months ago
35MacabeSeyan Du (M)302 years ago
36EmpressArch Warrior (F)301 year ago
37VampireMage (M)305 months ago
38OrbjankWarrior (M)301 year ago
39DemonMage (M)307 months ago
40PercivalWarrior (M)271 month ago
41DkthirtyMonk (F)262 years ago
42DagkArch Warrior (F)252 years ago
43MastersmithWarrior (M)231 month ago
44PaprikaWarrior (F)232 years ago
45DctwentyMage (F)202 years ago
46AssassinWarrior (F)201 month ago
47MaciMage (M)206 months ago
48GooseMage (M)2014 days ago
49MordredMage (M)1825 days ago
50GandalfMage (M)181 month ago
51SheWarrior (F)151 month ago
52TurkeyWarrior (M)1514 days ago
53KendrickMage (F)1211 days ago
54MerlinMage (M)61 month ago
55DkfiveBattlemage (M)52 years ago
56MorganaWarrior (F)51 month ago
57FiveguysMage (M)513 days ago
58GalethalanWarrior (M)31 year ago
59ArmadilloWarrior (M)22 years ago
60SuborangeMage (F)226 days ago
61PiplinMage (M)111 days ago
62BruticusWarrior (M)111 days ago