Top Players

Players only show on this list if they have logged in the last 15 days.

1BadassArch Warrior (M)21510 months ago
2TippaArch Mage (M)2151 year ago
3SalArch Monk (F)21511 months ago
4BrienneArch Warrior (F)2156 months ago
5JrdkArch Seyan Du (M)2154 months ago
6UmathurmanArch Seyan Du (F)2151 year ago
7KonArch Seyan Du (M)2151 year ago
8SmeagolArch Battlemage (M)2151 year ago
9StevenseagalArch Warrior (M)2151 year ago
10AsterixArch Mage (M)2151 year ago
11LibbysreignArch Mage (F)2151 year ago
12DkjrArch Warrior (M)2151 year ago
13LadyArch Monk (F)2151 year ago
14JamesfrancoArch Mage (M)2151 year ago
15LethalssArch Seyan Du (M)2151 year ago
16SsamazingArch Battlemage (M)2151 year ago
17SzethArch Warrior (M)2151 year ago
18AsmodeusArch Warrior (M)2056 months ago
19CasperArch Warrior (M)1961 year ago
20BlueharpyArch Mage (F)1741 year ago
21DannydevitoArch Monk (M)1651 year ago
22BuddersArch Mage (M)1602 months ago
23ConkerArch Mage (F)1407 months ago
24HulkArch Warrior (M)14011 months ago
25ArseneArch Monk (M)14012 months ago
26RanzArch Seyan Du (F)1401 year ago
27EtherealArch Warrior (M)1401 year ago
28GodArch Mage (F)1401 year ago
29WasdArch Seyan Du (M)1401 year ago
30GhostofkievArch Monk (M)1401 year ago
31PemexArch Warrior (M)1401 year ago
32PentsalotArch Mage (M)1401 year ago
33YamArch Warrior (M)1401 year ago
34AboutthatlifeArch Monk (M)1401 year ago
35FrenchyyArch Warrior (M)1401 year ago
36HarambeArch Monk (M)13412 months ago
37ThurArch Seyan Du (M)1181 year ago
38ConsArch Battlemage (F)1131 year ago
39JayjayArch Seyan Du (M)1111 year ago
40AsdfArch Battlemage (M)1091 year ago
41StevenArch Warrior (M)1061 year ago
42WeaponssArch Warrior (M)9410 months ago
43SadgeArch Mage (M)9111 months ago
44BudtersArch Seyan Du (M)872 months ago
45BudderswarArch Warrior (M)842 months ago
46SlickArch Seyan Du (M)803 months ago
47CorentinArch Warrior (M)801 year ago
48SylabusArch Mage (M)801 year ago
49CasperjrArch Warrior (M)761 year ago
50SuperswagArch Mage (M)605 months ago
51ArmaturaArch Warrior (M)601 year ago
52BuddersquestArch Warrior (M)5629 days ago
53FarnoArch Battlemage (M)551 year ago
54NuthbuddersArch Battlemage (M)542 months ago
55YoloArch Seyan Du (M)504 months ago
56FreakArch Seyan Du (M)4011 months ago
57KonsArch Monk (M)401 year ago
58MonkeybudArch Monk (M)402 months ago
59MellySeyan Du (F)361 year ago
60PentmanArch Battlemage (M)361 year ago
61SephirothArch Warrior (M)3511 months ago
62DominatorArch Seyan Du (M)343 months ago
63HeroArch Seyan Du (M)309 months ago
64SnowyArch Mage (M)301 year ago
65OtohaArch Seyan Du (F)3012 months ago
66IceMage (M)284 months ago
67BudslilspawnWarrior (M)232 months ago
68IlliaBattlemage (F)201 year ago
69ConstantineSeyan Du (M)201 year ago
70BudshardcoreWarrior (M)168 days ago
71BudsWarrior (M)1528 days ago
72DemonmodeSeyan Du (M)155 months ago
73BeastmodeSeyan Du (M)155 months ago
74RanzalWarrior (M)158 months ago
75BudspenterthreeWarrior (M)143 days ago
76BudspenteroneWarrior (M)143 days ago
77YunaWarrior (F)147 days ago
78BudspentertwoWarrior (M)133 days ago
79BudspenterfourWarrior (M)113 days ago
80BastienMage (M)101 year ago
81BudsfivesWarrior (M)52 months ago
82EudenWarrior (M)58 months ago
83DapantydropperBattlemage (M)51 year ago
84DeezBattlemage (M)51 year ago
85AlgatharMage (M)26 days ago
86GearMage (M)21 year ago
87ChimpookWarrior (M)13 days ago
88SilverWarrior (M)17 days ago