Buy Tokens


Please allow redirection back to this website after payment has been made!!


Ends 1st December

$1 per token.
$10 donation = 20 Tokens and 1 Rare Military Chest.
For every $10 spent you will receive 20 tokens and a FREE Rare Military Chest.
Example: $100 = 200 tokens and 10 Military Chests

Tokens they will be displayed as usual in /status and can be traded around game through using NPC Traders, by entering a trade with a player and typing “give token” puts 1x token into the trade, repeat “give token” to give another 1x token.

  • Being a donor gives you a green coloured name and 10% exp boost while being donor.
  • Plenty of progression skips and items to purchase down in the donor shop.
  • /csprite command – For donors to be able to change there character sprite themselves.
  • /claim to claim tokens purchased by donation.

Take a look down in the donor shop.