We ask that all players be considerate of other players, staff and the game itself.
Breaking any of the following rules may result in warnings, temporary bans or full loss of characters and accounts.

If you encounter anyone breaking these rules in game, please use the following command:


Game Rules:

– Respect other players. Whilst chat language is relaxed, any insults or harassment directed towards other players will not be tolerated.

– You are responsible for your own characters and account. Account sharing may be allowed, however, we will not become involved in any incidents of scamming, or item/character/account loss due to the sharing of passwords.
– Additionally, Tutors and Staffers may not share their accounts. Any found doing so risk losing their position within the Reborn team.

– No selling of characters or accounts or in game items. If one is found selling may result in a warning and/or ban, or loss of accounts. Any sold account may also be banned.

– No use of macros, other programs or modified clients will be tolerated. Anyone found to be using altered clients or external programs for unfair gain within the game may lose any associated characters and accounts

– No impersonating game management. This includes Tutors, Staffers and Gods. Similar names may be allowed, however pretending to be that person is not.

– No more than 2 of a players characters may be allowed in the Spawner or Clan Halls areas at one time. One person may not enter with more than 2 alts, (this includes the long walk in Clan Halls). Anyone found to be using more than 2 will be asked to remove additional characters. Repeated disregard of this rule will result in further action.

– Absolutely no exploiting bugs knowingly. Any gain from bug abuse will be removed, and all involved characters may be subject to punishment.

Please report bugs to game management or contact us at

This is not a comprehensive list and may be subject to change at any time.
Please attempt to use some common sense before assuming there are loopholes within the rules.