Update 12/04/2022


  • Enhance Orb Sprites have been added to the Donor Shop. You can NOT loose an orb sprite!
  • Removed the ability to hand Enhance Orbs to Demons.
  • The /sort command now sorts orbs to top of inventory first by highest strength to lowest strength, also sorts SU and GU after orbs by highest amounts to lowest amounts and Pent Stones are then sorted by the highest quality % first.
  • Fixed /mission to always show -10 your level for Pent Missions.


Clans sorted by most Jewel count now gain extra levels applied to bonuses if you place 1st to 5th.
If one clan beats another clan in jewel count, this will update and apply automatically.

  • 1st : +5 levels
  • 2nd : +4 levels
  • 3rd : +3 levels
  • 4th : +2 levels
  • 5th : +1 level

Applied 24 hour wait to attack when war set, but if both clans set war it will be an insant war status.
To stop War you can set relation neutral but at the cost of 5% Clan Jewels ( Clan Vault must be 100% health ).

Attacking clan can then apply War again straight away but will have to wait 24 hours to attack …. or defenders set neutral again for 5% cost of jewels.
You can stop a war at 23 hours 59 minutes to get max time for your 5% cost.

Neutral can not be set ( turning WAR off ) if your Clanvault is NOT full Hitpoints or is dead, you will have to wait for CV to regen or respawn.

6v6 in Raids limit now done properly, and fixed the mishap when 7+ could enter.
Long hall dead characters now count towards the limit, run the longhall back to the clan area to enter the raid again or let another clan member into CV zone while you watch.
This creates a cooldown based on time it takes for one to run the long hall back.

300 raid jewel cap added. If your clan has less then 300 jewels, attackers can NOT enter your Clan Vault.
300 – 400 Jewels is hardcoded 10 point steals.
Raids above 400 jewels is now a 20% Jewel steal ( 10% deleted out of game, 10% given to your Clan ) was 30% previously.