Old Changelog

From 2014 – 2018 Archived

05 June 2018 – Few latest updates.

Update 05/06/2018!

  • Attacking clan that kills the Clan Vault now gets 100k plat, random Quad item and 150k Orb to each player attacking.
  • Above rewards can only be obtained from Clan Vaults with more then 100 Jewels.
  • Make sure to have 3-4 inventory spaces free while raiding at all times.
  • 500k Platinum piles for 2 tokens in Donor Shop.
  • More to come!

Update 03/06/2018!

  • Exp burst has now been reduced to every 2 minutes. Enjoy!
  • When rewarded with military points is now 4x the points.
  • You can now set war and wait 1 hour to attack. Clan Vault respawn 1 hour.
  • Clan Spawn timers now every 15 minutes.

15th April 2018

Sorry for the length of time this update has taken. Steam release is in full force development and release date is due to be announced soon enough. Please remove all game files and download the whole game again HERE.

Contents of this update below:

  • Max level is now 215 (start of 215 is cap) giving a few more levels for bases which will close the balance gap a bit more.
  • Max 6 characters per Clan in Spawners.
  • Max 2 characters per person in Clan Spawners.
  • Clan Spawners now set to spawn 30 minutes apart. 100k orbs are still a reward.
  • Fixed alliance chat.
  • War to War set only but setting neutral/fued/peace treaty or alliance from war relation, removes 25 of your clan jewels.
  • If Clan Vault gets killed everyone gets teleported out of the CV raid zone.
  • Clan Hall attacking side is now bigger for better entrance and viewing.
  • Clan Vault lines have now been moved back and extended entrances for both sides but the line is now a peaceful zone and takes double verifying to get in and out, but you cannot be attacked on the line.
  • Quick teleports to your Clan Master added to every Clan Hall.
  • Cannons can now shoot to all 4 corners of raid area.
  • Max 6 characters to defend CV, Max 6 characters to attack a CV, if one dies another alt can enter.
  • Only 6 characters per clan can be fighting on the whole Clan Hall map.
  • PVE clan halls 15 and 16 removed for now, get your jewels by raiding or spawning.
  • When a Clan is being raided it now shows what clan hall it is alongside clan name.
  • Orb gain has been removed from raiding reward.
  • 1 hour to join/create clan after leaving a clan so people dont jump when they please.
  • All jewels in each clan have been set to 200 jewels as a restart point, either your clan lives or dies.
  • Max level 200 spawn is now Max level 215.

OTHER changes.

  • Max level 200 bossspawn is now Max level 215.
  • Completing all quest title should work now!
  • Xmaspops removed, original Aston restored.
  • Maxing bless has been removed from Military Chest as reward.
  • Fixed updater to go to updates page instead of instantly downloading a .exe from this update onwards.
  • Exp burst now changed to burst every 10 minutes as login reward.
  • Min level 25 arch, min level 51 sir/lady, min level 91 ishtar slain, min level 131 apprentice slain. if below any of these levels you will be set back up to the caps due to abused /delevel.
  • Client has received a few fixes and added help menu with some reborn changes and Titles.


  • Added quad stat rares dedicated to only drop Rings and Amulets that are randomly generated. It is possible to get 4x of the same stat for example. hitpoints/hitpoints/hitpoints/hitpoints.
  • These items are can only be obtained in pents.
  • These items cannot be welded to different items but they can be resprited.
  • This is allowing 3x more stats to be worn and gaining max mods of +90 more to a stat.
  • These items can only be worn by levels 200+.

28th November 2017

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Clan Event. A command is being created to claim your rewards by the 30th November. All results are being calculated and rewards added to each players main character. EXP LQ EVENT will stay for good.

  • All Clan Event code has been reversed and removed.
  • Clanless players can not enter CV arena.
  • Lord Tegra added to aston sewers.
  • Lord Tegra removed from islena/ishtar/apprentice boss rooms.
  • 100k strength orb for every spawn won.
  • 100k strength orb for every boss spawn won.
  • 1 Million Strength orb for any raids.
  • 25 point raid steal, 25 points given as a Clan Jewel again for the raiding clan.
  • 25 point spawner jewel.
  • /removeplatinum command, /removeplat also works. makes item to Gold repaired 120%.
  • Minimum requirement to repair gear with platinum is you have to kill Apprentice.
  • /sort will now sort stat orbs in order.
  • Warcry stack spam has been removed. a enemy can only be warcried once per 10 seconds.

Alot more Content to come over the next 1-2 weeks. Hint: Make alot of small based clans.

Clan VS Clan WAR Restarted!

Clan VS Clan War event had to be restart due to a few issues. We have changed a few things around to make the event fun and fair. Thank you for waiting and below is the update.

  • 50 jewels stolen per raid every raid, 25 will rot. 25 to clan.
  • Clan 1 and Clan 11 will not drop below 200 jewels. Prizes and Jewel still rewarded to raiding Clan.
  • Clan hoping timer removed.
  • Setting bonuses in clan is GOD only while event is on.
  • Increased stat orb chance.
  • Added /delevel command. This will set you to 1 exp point away from leveling.
  • Added /orb <amount> command. Takes from biggest pile found in inventory.
  • Added /platinum <amount> command. Takes from biggest pile found in inventory. EXP EVENT/CLAN WAR LASTS TILL 27th November. 

Clan Vs Clan War Started!

Astonia Reborns Clan Vs Clan War has started and the challenge is on to see who can be the best clan. Below is information for todays updates.

  • 25 Percent jewels stolen from raid. 50 percent of that jewel rots.
  • 2 Mil orb and 2 Mil platinum prize for Clan Hall 1 and 11 raiding each other.
  • 200k orbs to who ever wins spawn (share with clan members that help).NEED 1 FREE INVENT SPACE for Clan Jewel and Orb.
  • Clan jewels from spawns are quest item as only you can hand it to you’re clan master.
  • 1 Mil Platinum reward added to killing Apprentice for first time.
  • Level 140 cap removed. Slay Apprentice to get past 200 base.
  • To wear Platinum gear you have to Slay Apprentice.
  • To repair a item with Platinum requires Min Level 140.
  • Warcry removed from Monk Gatekeeper.
  • Stopped all NPC’s from leveling with the EXP Event.
  •  EXP EVENT LASTS TILL 15th November.

23rd October 2017

Thank you all for waiting on this update. Below is whats been added. With the current Clan Event starting on the 1st November (more info coming soon) and the future speed of this server I’ve made some changes to mines and resources. Hope all enjoy.

  • Fixed spawns to only allow 1 character at a time.
  • Platinum now drops 5k amount piles every so often game wide.
  • Platinum has been added to mines, at rates almost similar to Silver Units.
  • Silver Units and Gold Units received from Minewalls have been buffed 75%.
  • Mining missions from Govenor exp has been buffed to equal pent missions.
  • Rare Military Chest drop rate increased slightly.
  • Clan jewels have been buffed to 10 points per spawn.
  • Aston Halloween Map has been added.
  • Macro Lord Tegra now visits a lot more often.
  • Warcry spell has been removed from monks as it was a little overpowered for the class.
  • Female monk default sprite is now 58 (Islena Sprite).
  • Monk shrine added to the Donor shop.

11th October 2017

Small update on Astonia Reborn. Double Exp, Military Points, Strength to Pent Stones. Increase stone drop again (orb to stone str) double str now.Clan spawners are now 15 minutes apart.Boss spawners are now 25 minutes apart.Raid Level Cap increased to 200.2 characters allowed in raid.140 and 200 PVPVE raid stays as is. CH 15 and 16.Clan Vault respawns 30 mins after killed.Stopped all NPCs from being heard so far away. Big Update To Come Next!

15th August 2017

Small update today.

  • Pent Event: 50% strength bonus to every Pent Stone you place into a Pent Orb.

Update to Clan halls 15 and 16. These 2 Clans have been made into Server owned clans with enemies defending the vault.

  • Clan Hall 15 is now open for levels 1-140.
  • Clan Hall 16 is now open for levels 1-200.

17th July 2017

Client Update:

  • 9 game Resolution choices has been added to the login screen.
  • Press F10 key to show/hide game UI.
  • More work is going into client development for steam release coming soon!

If you are having an issue getting the game to work

Remove all Astonia Reborn files and download latest full game update HERE.

19th February 2017

Thank you all for your patience for this update!

  • Christmas themed Aston has been removed and original Reborn Aston has been placed back in.
  • Christmas Cane drops have been removed from game wide drop table.
  • Military chest drop rate has been increased. These prizes are exactly the same as Candy Canes.
  • /depotfix command for self use. Use this while standing on a bluesquare to fix not loaded depot. We are yet to find the source of this issue yet.
  •  Pent Competition has been removed but in replacement is 200k orb reward for reaching 1000 pents touched in one run. if you would like to attempt the reward again? leave the pent area and return to start again. NO LIMITS. stealth pent if you like.
  •  To reduce the amount of pickup we have decreased the stone drop rate but increased the strength in each stone so the gain should be the same if not more.
  • single/dual/tri stat gear drops have been removed game wide and in replacement is Stat orbs which drop at a slow rate game wide.
  • Stat orbs have also been removed from completing Gov missions.
  • Halloween rare drop items have now been renamed as they will stay in game wide drop table as rares.
  • /spawn command now holds timers for both Clan Spawns and Boss Spawns. One of each will spawn every 30 minutes. 1 Clan Spawn every hour, 1 Boss Spawn every hour.
  • Max Raid Level = 140. Only level 140s can enter Clan Vault areas to attack or defend. Any higher level can still watch and enter the Clan/Alliance back HQ rooms.
  • Max Characters in clan vault fight area is 1 character, but you can take multiple characters to Clan/Alliance back HQ rooms.
  • Due to high demand on increasing level cap, the new max level will now be Level 200 and the maximum base 255. To increase past level 140 and raise bases past 200 you must first destroy the Apprentice in Rodneys Warped World. You can either venture out to him at the secret location of the 33rd orb stand or use 10k gold on the red door at the start of RWW to be teleported right to his front door. When he is defeated you will hit level 141 from killing him. If your RD level is higher then RD 140 they will be reset back to RD 140 for you to use again on your journey to level 200.
  • With Max Level 200 and max base 255, Gear will stay max base +20 but another form of Silver units/Gold units has been created called Platinum Units. Silver units repairs to 110% effectivity, Gold units repairs to 120% effectivity, Platinum units will now allow for gear to be repaired to 150% effectivity (over rides any piece of equipment thats higher then 150% effectivity) allowing for gear to be +20/(+30 Max Platinum). Only +20’s can be repaired with platinum and once repaired it requires Min Level 141 to wear.
  • Gear with high effectivity use to show a larger visual bonus + IE. +20/40. Now all gear will show its proper repaired max +24 (base: +20 at 120% effectivity), high effectivity will still take a while to damage.
  • Reapiring costs are around these numbers with Platinum.
  1. 100% quality piece at 120% effectivity takes 100k platinum units with full smith bonus and max clan smith bonus.
  2. 125% quality piece at 120% effectivity takes 75k platinum units with full smith bonus and max clan smith bonus.
  3. 150% quality piece at 120% effectivity takes 50k platinum units with full smith bonus and max clan smith bonus.
  • Platinum can be collected game wide as a rare and will hold 1000 units each drop. Each enemy has a 1/25 chance in dropping Platinum (excluding tunnels and dailys).The sprite for Platinum is a Platinum item sprite from Ice Army Caves. Platinum will also drop in bigger amounts in the Boss Spawns content below.

New piece of content: BOSS SPAWNS.

This piece of content has been created by duplicating the clan spawner system but with a twist. There is 12 doors that hold a max level entry just like clan spawners but this map has been set to free for all and the objective is to get first access to the open trap door (trap door has replaced the clan spawner ped) trap door will be closed until timer is up and the trap door will open allowing access for 1 person. One will have to eliminate any other players that are standing on/around the trap door before access is gained. Once access is gained, you are then put into a small room with a boss that is equal level to the max level of that boss spawn, you then have 10 minutes to defeat the boss or he will vanish. The pots you walk into the boss spawn to begin with is all you have to eliminate all other players and the boss if you win the fight, so use your pots wisely!. If you are strong enough then only 1-2 pots will be needed to defeat the boss.

  • This area is capped to 1 character at a time.
  • The entrance to the Boss Spawn Lobby is in front of the Clan Spawn Palace building.

The rewards given for killing the boss are as follows:

  • Boss Spawn 5 – 60 rewards a 50k 130% quality Strength orb.
  • Boss Spawn 80 & 100 Rewards 60k 130% quality Strength orb.
  • Boss Spawn 120 Rewards 70k 130% quality Strength orb.
  • Boss Spawn 160 Rewards 80k 130% quality Strength orb.
  • Boss Spawn 200 Rewards 100k 130% quality Strength orb.

There is also a 50/50% chance of receiving the same amounts in platinum, rewarding you with orb and platinum.        

20th December 2016

Merry Christmas everyone! Small update for the holiday season and will stay in for a few weeks after Christmas. We would have had this update out earlier, but time has been an issue. So thank you all so much for your patience!

  • Aston has received some Christmas spirit and snow has fallen!
  • Candy canes have been added to game wide drop table at a common rate (use on the Christmas Tree in Aston to receive a gift!).
  • Saint Nick (Macro Daemon) has a chance of giving Candy Canes.
  • Pent weekly competition has started again CLICK HERE for more information.
  • Player VS Player weekly competition will start soon. CLICK HERE for more information.
  • Highest Clan Jewel count weekly competition will start soon. CLICK HERE for more information.
  • Military chest has had a revamp in the prizes that can be received.
  • Halloween rare items will be staying with the trick removed so you will definitely receive a gift from any of these items.

A lot more updates/changes to come soon!

28th October 2016

Happy Halloween Everyone! Better late then never! Halloween will stay in for at least 2 weeks so enjoy it while it lasts! Thank you to all those that play and support Reborn v3.5

  • Aston square has been spookyfied!
  • Halloween is supplying new rare item drops (6 new rares game wide) better chances then lost military chest.
  • Alliance damage added (alliance is just a chat channel now) bigger fix to come.
  • Player Vs Enemy clanhall 16( Rest In Peace clan), 4 defending bosses has been added (cannons hurt these enemy’s and they hurt each other) open to all clans to raid with 30 min respawn and 10 point clan jewel each time CV is killed.
  • Rare mil chest added to donor shop for 2 tokens (Halloween only!).
  • ALL clan halls have been lighten up for visibility.
  • Halloween Tegra macro is feeling generous with exp…if your lucky.
  • Clan jewels raided is now set to 10% of current jewels.

27th September 2016 MONK CLASS!

Thank you all for your patience with this update.

New Class Monk!

Current small visual bug with monk, using a torch turns you into a beast sprite LOL. This class has been tested in alot of ways through all levels but it is a very tricky class to build. We are hoping the community do the last of the classes testing and get back to us if any issue at all.

  • Monk is a new class that has been rebuilt from the Warrior base build.
  • Obtainable with Mage/Warrior/Seyan through gatekeeper exactly like Seyan’Du or Battlemage. Beat Monk gatekeeper to change into Monk class to start at level 2 as a Monk.
  • Beating Gatekeeper to Arch-Monk will give you Rage Stat.
  • Tactics has been replaced with Bless.
  • Heal/Mana added to the build.
  • The Monk is Hand-to-Hand only and can wear soft/cloth items (no armor).
  • Speedskill/Rage has been kept making this class FAST but squishy.
  • Monk is sprite 34(monk) only throughout characters progress.
  • Bless for monk is default 600 seconds ( 10mins ) due to no duration.

Donor Shop Changes.

  • Donor shrine was 5 tokens. Now 2 tokens.
  • Welding shrine was 5 tokens. Now 2 tokens.
  • Deneg shrine was 5 tokens. Now 2 tokens.
  • Random Dungeon skip shrine was 5 tokens. Now 2 tokens.
  • Hardcore/Softcore Seyan’Du or Battlemages was 15-25 tokens. Now cost 10 tokens HC or not.
  • Lab skip shrine was 2 tokens each Lab. Now 1 token each Lab.
  • Death shrine is now usuable to remove current negs and 1 death. or just 1 death if no negs.

Other Updates.

  • Since the last update in May a lot of back end work has been done to server/database to stabilize everything.
  • The /shutup command that is used by admins to “shutup” now gets announced game wide for everyone to hear.
  • Clan live system/maps have been removed for future rebuild.
  • Bless time for Monk/Battlemage has been buffed to a default of 600 seconds (10mins).
  • Everyone’s class is now shown in Player Description alongside Name:Level
  • Ishtar is now allowed to be fought again after beating him (for obtaining quest helmet).
  • Clan Vault is now set to respawn every 6-12 hours, Randomness respawn time to help stop the constant raiding making it impossible to kill a clan.
  • Battle Royal has been removed from game and all characters that were associated with that game mode have been deleted!. But not to worry because a rebuild has been planned for future release.
  • Alot more content and updates are in progress!.

26th May 2016

Thank you everyone for your patients on this update! The following has been done.

  • Battlemage balance: Mana now costs 2 mana per 1 lifeshield, max lifeshield is still MS mod / 4 (lifeshield is the additional +# with your hitpoints)
  • Tunnels have been set to 5x with a  set number of exp and mil each touch but within the caps -15 to -5 your tunnel level.
  • /tunnel command has been added. Can use “/tunnel” alone or “/tunnel [level]” to view information.
  • Tunnels also received the chance to use previous levels missed by Simply holding gold (10 times the level) in your cursor and use the door to teleport to the desired tunnel.
  • /settitle # command (titles on website) http://www.astoniareborn.com/index.php/titles/
  • /title off/on
  • /afk – activates AFK title.
  • set a 30 minute timeout from the last /setstat command before entering spawners/clan raids
  • Pickaxe/Robber Boss Broklin quest glitch fixed, after killing the Robber boss you have to return to Broklin and say “Done”.
  • RD’s are now -5 +5 creators level to enter.
  • Edmund gear for orb NPC has under gone a massive revamp, no longer accept’s +1 gear at all!, but will accept ANYTHING more then +1 for 75% return.
  • Cameron teleport added to start of Cameron with a added teleport sign to Aston.
  • teleport signs in aston fixed to stop loop walking.
  • Fixed clan halls from being all weird sizes
  • Fix the Blue Square near SA. looping deaths.
  • Exkorden – renamed the robber baron in robber sector 4 to stop confusion of Baron’s.
  • Add Battlemage (M/F) to website next to character name in clan section.
  • Minimum levels on ALL spawners has been lowered for lower levels to access spawns, be sure to check the new requirements!

3rd May 2016

QUICK UPDATE: Tuesday 3rd May

  • spawn timer announcements fixed.
  • few glitches & bugs fixed.
  • Battlemage class will get a balance update in the next few days.
  • general performance maintenance.

15th March 2016

QUICK UPDATE 2: Tuesday 22nd MarchThe Party System is back!Battle Royale:

  • Time limit for receiving attendance points has been lowered.
  • All gear is now trash-able in games.
  • /raiseall command added (raises all stats +1 that are greater than 1 base).
  • Regenerate and Meditate have been set at 20 mod for all BR characters.
  • Spawn points fixed (no more spawning in all bunched together).
  • Performance fix – should help stop the lag, and arenas crashing.
  • Battle Royale rewards can now be seen in the BR Lobby.
  • A barkeeper has been added with (cheap) drinks!
  • A clanmaster can now be found at the bar.

Other stuff:

  • /speedbreak – new command to show speedbreaks.
  • /setstat will no longer work in arenas (including the GK rooms).

QUICK UPDATE: Wednesday 16th MarchBattle Royale is back up and a few things have changed:

  • 2 minute wait to start a game instead of 5
  • 5 players needed to start a game instead of 10
  • ‘No-escape’ mechanic added to the area and no stealthing allowed
  • Lava moves in faster
  • More chests in the beginning, less in the end (if your game lasts long enough)

We’ve also added a few new shrines alongside the Reset Shrine at the rest area:

  • A Warrior and a Mage stat shrine are available, that will give you a basic level 30 balanced build. With /setstat it’s easily configurable for Seyans and Battlemages too.
  • A gear vendor shrine is on the other side to give you all the basic gear for your class.

Hopefully these will help speed up the time spent raising stats and getting gear between games.

Thank you all for your patience with this update. We’re extremely sorry it has taken a fair bit longer than expected. Unfortunately extra time had to be spent on a bunch of server issues cropping up recently, delaying what we really wanted to do. However, it’s finally here!


Introducing to Reborn, a new(ish) character class called the Battlemage!

  • New version of a Seyan with Bless and Magic Shield replacing Tactics and Speed Skill.
  • Can be used to make various builds of warrior or mage (or both!), much like the original Seyan, but now relies on high weapon value to deal damage at the loss of high speed.
  • Can wear cloth and metal armors, and make use of daggers and swords. No staff.
  • Wearing cloth armor helps obtain as much speed as possible.
  • Wearing metal armors helps tank more, at the loss of speed.

To “Battlemage” is now offered as an alternative to Seyaning or Arching for any Warriors or Mages that have beaten all 5 Labs. Upon defeating the Gatekeeper and becoming a Battlemage you will be reset to level 2 to continue your journey. Battlemages will not have to repeat Labs (the entire Battlemage process is essentially the same as Seyaning). For a short time, we’re allowing un-arched Seyans to fight the Gatekeeper to become a Battlemage. However, you will be reset to level 2 again. For an updated Stat Calc with the Battlemage included, click here!

For a full guide and more information about the Battle Royale game, click here! If you have any suggestions, please post on the forums here!

Battle Royale

Also introducing Battle Royale! This is an extreme survival mini-game that plunges players into fast paced, last man standing matches against each other. We hope it provides a unique experience with an intense, always changing game for the player. To get involved, simply create a new alt, or take any existing alt that is under level 10 to the Battle Manager in Cameron Fortress, near James. (This includes Seyans and Battlemages: You will be whatever class you enter as.) Make sure you read what he has to say and remember: your character change is PERMANENT, you will not be able to enter back into the main game on any character you enter the Battle Royale Lobby with. You will also lose ALL items, worn and inventory, when accepting the Battle Manager’s offer. We will not acknowledge any complaints about lost items from this process. Once you accept the rules, you will be set to level 30 and transported to the Battle Royale Lobby, where you can set your stats, buy some blank gear and initiate a game!

  • Just head down the stairs and use the Globe to start a game.
  • A 5 minute warning will go out game-wide, giving players some time to set up and head down to the game platform.
  • You need to be across the bridge and around the Battle Royale Globe to be included in a game.
  • You need a minimum of 10 players to start a game, with a max of 30. (One player/ip per game.)
  • Up to 3 games can be running at once.
  • Once inside a game, the race is on. Search for chests that give equipment and potions, raise your stats as you level, and kill all those you come across!

Points and Rewards:

  • You gain points for surviving and winning! Those that place 1st, 2nd and 3rd will receive more points.
  • To check the points that you have, use /status.
  • You can claim rewards from a NON-BR CHARACTER on the SAME account. Simply head to the Donor Shop in Aston and use the Battle Royale Globe to get to the prize room!

Other small updates:

  • Several new Freeze stat pots have been added, check the Alchemy page here to see them.
  • The Aston sewer entrances have been moved, and extra pathways to Smugglers and Underground Park have been opened.
  • There is now a teleport from Moonies note room to the top of the mountain in Aston (to allow for easier quest repeating), and a sign from Geronimo’s house back down to Aston Square.
  • The /createparty command has been temporarily removed to allow for a performance fix.

12th February 2016


New Party System!

  • Any level can be in the party.
  • You have to be in the same area to use commands to invite/join/leave, etc.
  • Currently only kill experience is shared!
    • You have to be +/- 5 the level of the killer.
    • You have to be within an 18 square radius of the killer to receive experience.
    • You have to be VISIBLE by the killer to receive experience. (No stealthing, no hiding behind walls, no hiding in dark corners, etc)


  • /party (shows party info and commands in game)
  • /createparty [party name] (creates a party, can only be 1-5 numbers/letters long)
  • /inviteparty [player name] (invites another character to join the party)
  • /joinparty [leader name] (accepts the party invitation)
  • /leaveparty
  • /fireparty [player name] (fires a character from the party)
  • /partyexp [exp feed from party] (shows the experience you’re receiving from other killers)
  • /partyleader [player name] (gives leader to another member of the party)
  • /c13 is the new Party channel (it’s pretty!)

Parties will be reset weekly!

Any player found to be creating a party with a vulgar or insensitive name will be warned!

Other stuff:

  • The long walk has been removed from spawners, you now go to your last blue square upon death.
  • No more placing items on spawn floors.
  • Gloves have had a WV increase to +22.50. (If you would like new gloves, please see a god!)
  • New RD skip shrine in the Donor Shop! 5 tokens will set RDs to your current level.
  • New rare item drop with various prizes available!

10th January 2016 – Happy New Year!

Thank you all for your patience with this update, and for joining us over Christmas and the New Year! Unfortunately the festive season cannot go on forever, and as such, the Christmas trees were burnt down in a fiery massacre… Thanks, Teg. However, we have decided to let a little festivity follow us into the New Year, as the extra exp event will continue, just at a 25% bonus instead.

Update Stuff:

  • New Aston Map! Have fun getting lost!
  • Spawn doors now lock when a jewel spawns on the pedestal. You will not be able to enter from the lobby when the doors lock.
  • If a spawn is not attended then the clan jewel will rot.
  • Spawns are now a no-give zone.
  • Spawn lobbies are now regen zones, and have light in them if they did not before.
  • Some sight and move blocks in the spawners have been fixed.
  • Partial re-design of the Teufelheim map.
  • Any level is now able to enter and gamble. Rat nest areas still have level limits.
  • Teufelheim gambling prizes have had a little overhaul. The chances to win have been slightly increased, most of the junk prizes removed, and some new ones added!
  • New Stat Calc with EQ calc and Colour Picker is available from the ‘Tool’ button on the client login window. (Thanks Joysword!)
  • Includes a bunch of fixes, the addition of pulse, some new features and the option to import builds through the use of /setstat. Unfortunately old stat calc files (.txt) will not work with the new program (now .calc), sorry about that.
  • A De-Level shrine is now available in the donor shop.
  • A teleport to Ishtar is also available in the donor shop.
  • There are new sprites for stat orbs which should make it easier to look through them.
  • Pulse stat potion recipes have been added.
  • A quick alchemy guide and list of potions (including the new ones) can be found HERE.
  • General Traders have been added to all pent maps.
  • Recall gems have been added to all pent maps and TOT.
  • The missing exp stand in the last level of TOT has been found.
  • The mining entrance to Grimroot has been removed and replaced with a min level 50 door from Aston Mines.
  • Mines, Swamps and Teufelheim are available as new teleports.
  • James no longer claims HC characters can get higher bases than SC characters.
  • /showvalues now shows rage and duration.
  • Orb stand timers now show 28 days.
  • Removed “00Kill Test” from appearing in descriptions.
  • Gold chips no longer state they can be used for Solo Dailies.
  • Infravision potions sprite has been changed so they no longer look like security potions.

13th December 2015

Just a small update today.

  • Christmas Tree fixed as some gifts were not being received.
  • You can now select the level you would like for Gov missions by saying the level number you would like to kill. Example, saying “130” will give you level 130 demons but you cannot go any lower then -10 your level for missions.
  • Rare drop table slightly increased!.
  • Candy Canes added to donor shop for 2 tokens each!.

4th Decemeber – Merry Christmas

Reborn would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas with this update.

  • The Reborn Christmas Tree has been activated and Candy Canes have been placed game wide which are use able on the Christmas Tree. Get Searching!. The Tree has 120 gift opportunities, Lots of presents!
  • A few rares have also been created and placed game wide. Defiantly worth looking for!
  • Orbman seems to have gone generous these holidays as he offers 75% orb return for you’re unwanted gear!
  • 50% Exp bonus will continue through to the new year! Enjoy!
  • 141 bugged now fixed.
  • Hell Pents have been nerfed!

4th November 2015

Latest Updates consist of the following:

New Complete Cameron Map

Click Here to view the new Full Cameron Map.  

New /setstat command for players!

THIS COMMAND WORKS IN ASTON ONLY SAFE ZONE! With this command a player can choose to increase or decrease any stat at any time! No more need for reset shrines or indi shrines in RD’s. To use this command one will need to type “/setstat 1 50” what that will do is put stat 1(endurance) to 50 base. Exp adjusts accordingly to the increase/decrease’s so if you decrease a stat you ARE given the exp in return to spend on other stats. Use “/setstat” in game on its own with no arguments and you will see a detailed list of each stat your character can adjust showing the number form needed to be used to define which stat you are wanting to raise. This command will stop you from abusing pre Arch/Sir-Lady/Ishtar and also will not allow a stat to take you into negative exp. Also cannot be used while in negative exp. Rest of update is as follows:

  • EVENT! 50% more exp game wide!  get in while it lasts!, Bonus Exp is hidden from chat log but you do receive the bonus.
  • Paying 25 tokens for a Seyan skips labs now.
  • Pulse was missing from /showvalues.
  • Hitting the reset shrine no longer reduces AK to 1.
  • Move the “Area Change cancelled” cords from Cameron forest to Cameron Town Square.
  • Added ‘mining mission’ to where the Gov says “I might have a mission for you.”.
  • Exp bonus increased for each Pentagram.
  • /mission command for checking missions & quantities remaining.
  •  Long walk in spawners after death.
  • Removed the +/- 3 cap on RDs 150 & 200 for groups to try tackle to get there orbs together.
  • Fixed macro to appear more, more exp chances also.
  • Removed high drop rate in Cameron Pents.
  • Right-clicking pulse skill says ‘Pulse: empty’ is now fixed.
  • 1x Random Stat orb received for completing gov missions.
  • New Logos to client.

16th October 2015

Just a small update with fixes/buffs/nerf’s.

  • Pulse buffed, monster level *3 in mod to be effective properly.
  • Freeze buff.
  • Hell pents nerfed, not as insane anymore, can tweak again.
  • teleport being said in chat when Teleporting is now removed.
  • Reset shrines fixed to remove pulse.
  • lots of bugs/issues fixed.

10th October 2015

Thank you all for you’r patience on the release of this update,  a lot of changes/fixes/updates so please read carefully. To begin with, when you log into game for the first time from this update, a inner code half reset will take place. This reset finds all your Silver Units/Gold Units/Game Gold/Enhance Orbs, adds everything that you own and if you are over the limit of any below….

  1. If you’re over 5 Million Strength Orb ( all orbs will be deleted and 1 orb will be created with 5 mil strength 120 quality ).
  2. If you’re over 2 Million Silver Units ( all Silver Units will be deleted and 1 stack will be created with 2 million units ).
  3. If you’re over 1 Million Gold Units ( all Gold Units will be deleted and 1 stack will be created with 1 million units ).
  4. If you’re over 100K Gold ( all Gold will be deleted and your Gold Bag will receive 100K Game Gold ).

This fix has been needed for a long time due to a lot of bug abusers, some may not like some updates, but they are for the better for everyone. Updates Continue With

  • Pulse has now been added for Mages/Seyans, works just like it would in OW. This was a high demand ask for a long time.
  • Alot more new gear has been added with pulse into the drop gear system and stat orbs also have pulse.
  • 8 Square Surround Hit for Seyans/Warriors(This Does Not Work PVP so in Clan Halls and Spawners) mainly a increased for PVE and killing big groups of monsters.
  • Removed the max level to touch pents meaning level 140 can Pent in Earth Pents
  • Gear and stones drop less, Stone Strength has been increased so you still receive same amount of Orbage (dont trash +1 gear as the drop rate is low, Sell on Auction channels or to other Players)
  • Stat orbs have been set to reset every 28 days.
  • Rat Boss’s removed from sewers
  • Islena’s rings set to +1 so Orbage cannot be collected from Orb Man NPC
  • Spawner Announcements fixed, warns you a few times within 10 minutes to go.
  • Fixed /csprite to only use acceptable sprites.
  • Orb Man  NPC set to 25% Orb return
  • Nerfed Gold from Mercenary completing missions (as it was quite high in Gold)
  • Death Announcements have been put back in.
  • Hitting Level 140 does not give 5 Free Tokens anymore.
  • Weld Shrine and a Teleporter to Islena’s building have been placed into donor shop.
  • 197 New Equipment Sprites have been Added, a 2nd Floor placed down in the Donor Shop.
  • Silver Units and Gold Units now automatically drop to Inventory as long as you already have a stack of each, if not, you have to drop the first of each.
  • Macro timer increased in mines, will see him more frequently, also Golems spawn some more with the new speed of Mining.
  • Using page up and page down now scrolls individual lines in chat instead of full pages
  • Lollipops, Hp/Mana scrolls fix for Level 140 use.
  • Fixed security shrine bug for rd logs.
  • Grimroot repeat quests added into the Client
  • Grimroot Berrys set to 10 mins respawn with being able to repeat Quests.
  • All New /gear   command to view minimum Level’s and Strength needed to create from + to +, /gear will just tell you to either choose /single, /duel, /tri to view them individually.
  • IP Limits have now been created, only 2 Characters per IP in Clan Halls and Spawners, If you break this rule, you will find out what happens, 5 min penalty.
  • 200 Spawn now good for level 120+ to enter, and 80 spawn good for Level 60-80 to enter.

18th September

Sorry for the long down time, just wanted to make sure things were done correctly, hopefully they are, but here is today’s update, Enjoy!

  • Pent mission exp increased slightly and demon kills lowered.
  • New Spawner Ranking System Click Here.
  • New PVP Ranking System Click Here.
  • Token purchased exp pots are now 10% exp and last 90 minutes.
  • Grimroot is now repeatable 10x (need to do a client update for this) so for now, u can invisibly click reopen quest).
  • Spawn timers reduced to spawn more, but clan jewel is now 5 point.
  • Spawner announcements at 10 minutes to go.
  • Tower of Trials infinite recal orbs now dont work in clan halls/spawners.

8th September 2015

Attempted to do a update for mission exp, but something went wrong, so will have to do some work on fixing few things over next few days, but i got to do the server’s updates so that’s a bonus, sorry for the inconvenience For the mean time, there is 2x daily scrolls per day.

25th August 2015

  • Pents now has the OW style penting, demons are now defenseless but gained massive offense. Making pents fast paced and fun, ICE PENTS DO FREEZE YOU! thats one of there spells. Enjoy!
  • There is big exp bonuses at 1k, 3k, 5k pents touched (was going to add exp over time but with the speed of killing is enough exp especially with bonus of pots/hard cores/donors).
  • Gave Exp Apple and Hell Torch a increase to find by another percent, Good Luck.
  • Fix for the level 141 getting stuck with my return to max level 140 code.
  • Mining/Penting mission exp has returned to how Reborn has always had it, beautiful exp , Enjoy.
  • Kills needed for missions increased slightly due to faster killing in pents  (exp for mission goes off kill count/rank)
  • Gold Units now adds to the amount of Silver Units needed for mining mission.
  • In mines you can now gain random exp for mining, when you receive this exp, it is IE – Level 80 = 80 exp, then bonuses on top, this exp pops out on a 50 50 chance, quite frequently.
  • Also in mines is a lucky exp gain 25% chance each mine to receive that also.

20th August 2015

After much conversation and debate with alot of people, i have decided to do a half game reset containing  

  • New Max Level 140, Max Base 200, Max Gear +20/(24), if you own +20-25, give those pieces to orb man for him to make them +20 and give you 100% return on the orb you used to make them +21-25, if you dont want the +20 pieces anymore, sell in c3, or sell to orbman for 50% return.
  • 5 Tokens given free to every player over level 140.
  • Level will be automaticly set once you log in and you stats will slightly decrease and your set will come off if you are wearing +21-25 pieces.
  • Exp Apple (potion) = 5% bonus, Donor = 10% bonus, HARDCORE = 15% bonus, balancing leveling game wide.
  • Exp pot activates into stat potion timer.
  • Ishtar bonus and Apprentice bonus removed from professions, Reset shrine unlimited use after you kill Ishtar
  • Max 2 professions only, 50 base into Profession
  • Demons drop all loot on the floor, increasing the pace of penting to be alot smoother.
  • You cannot stealth in LQ’s and Solo Dailys anymore, you hit F7 (stealth) your put right back on normal speed, both maps are made to kill, not hide.
  • Dailys/penting missions/mining missions have been balanced for exp.
  • Donor status chat colour is now Green, God is white, Tutor is red, Staffer is now c7 colour (Lux).
  • Hell Torch, Exp Apple (potion) now scattered more into the game and slightly easier to find. Good luck finding
  • Infra Potions back in Jeremy.
  • Group Dailys Removed.

12th August 2015

Sorry for the downtime on getting this update live!

  • New Client Download Click Here if your client doesn’t automatically redirect you to the update.
  • Token/Donor System is now here, Click Here for details.
  • Exp Potions – 60 minutes and never ending torch, are in the game but are VERY VERY RARE! – also purchasable with tokens from donor shop.
  • Tunnels increased to max level 205 monsters.
  • Can now get exp for killing -60 your level.
  • Broklin returns to trade su/gu again in bran.
  • Hp/Mana scroll fixed – not useable for level 214-215.
  • Spawners lowered by about 10 hours rotation.
  • /exppot command – checks if exp is active and how much time is left. (did this so you can still use a stat potions too)
  • /killexpppot command – Kills the current exp pot if one is active.
  • Dealer vendor removed from aston.
  • +1 tris, +1-2 duals, +1-2-3-4 singles cant be traded for orbs, Sell to traders or players.
  • /noexp command – stops you from receiving any exp at all, not even kill exp.
  • Level 215 recall scroll added to Jeremy.
  • Stat orbs reset every 15 days.
  • Sound buffer has been fixed on client!

5th August 2015

  • Max Level is now 215!
  • NPC Orb Man in Vamps park exchanges any piece of equipment that has any strength on it for 50% return in orb with the same quality the item has.
  • Cannot escape has now been removed throughout all PVE areas, the only areas that will continue to have No escape will be in Clan Halls and Spawners.
  • All clan jewels have been set to 300 jewels, a reset from the easy jewels being received by Spawners, now lets see which clan want to spawn and stay alive.

14th – 17th July 2015

  • Hp/Mana scroll fixed. Can not be used by levels 199/200.
  • Gold chips un-usable for dailies.
  • Spawn palace has BS, Depots, Trader.
  • Custom gear can now be created.
  • Around the game somewhere you will find orb stands that can be used monthly to receive stat orbs, which can be used to create custom +1 gear, singles/duals/tris without welding, then use you’re enhancement orb to orb the pieces up from +2-25 as normal. These stat orbs can be stacked holding a maximum of 20 hitpoint orbs for instance.
  • 2x level 30,40,50,60,70,80,90 stands
  • Hardcore is now available, accepted by James in Cameron at level 1.
  • Hardcore 35% extra kill exp and 35% quest exp.
  • Security and LOE shrines can also be used for exp by hardcore’s.
  • Tweaking can be done over time with Hardcore.
  • Broklin in Brann no longer does SU/GU trades
  • Spawners have been changed completely, CJ’s 10 points.
  • Current Spawners are as follows
  • 5-15-20-30-40-50-60-80-100-120-160-200.
  • ALL level 200-202’s have been set back to level 200 with a stat reset.
  • Bone Tower door now only enterable at level 190 or lower.

19th June 2015

  • Tegra has returned!
  • Lab 2 ritual’s now work apon /shout.
  • Gold Chips have now been fixed and are available to use.
  • Janitors in Aston are now fixed and are no longer on strike.
  • Quad welding glitch fixed, weld unusable if wearing more then 2 items.
  • Spawners now fixed, /spawn command * means there is a jewel waiting to be grabbed. All spawns are now in a random 12 hour rotation.

7th June 2015

Spawns have no picked up the Individual Style Selection with their own times. The command to bring the spawns up is /spawn 2 new items have made it in Att/parry/wis ,  Att/Parry/Mana currently feature in the game now More soon to follow

23rd May 2015

Small update this week

  • Cameron quests Give off Helpful items to new players for both classes and seyans use warrior gear.  Be warned Obtaining these items and not levelling to level 5 will render them useless as once you log off they auto increase minimum Levels
  • Pent Demons now drop Scrolls to send you to the Clan Lives, Currently there is 2 Lives at this current time
    • 30-55 is the first live
    • 55-75 is the second
    • Upcoming 75-120
    • 120-200
  • Chat block and Swearing block has been removed, Was not planned to be in but it happened
  • Tuefelheim Reward Bonuses are in Sections of points they go like this
    • 150k
    • 100k
    • 50k
    • 25k
    • 10k
    • 5k
    • 1k

Each have their own Bonus Prize  

  • Pent Competition will be starting back up again, It has started now, Look at the countdown timer for the time left on the competition once it hits 0 All scores will be Validated and Rewarded (Happy Penting)
  • 3 new purchasable spaces (Houses) Have been Built by the good People of Reborn. Auction for these 3 houses will be held on Channel 3 (Auction)
    • Keys will be Fordable with a Small payment of 1/4 of the Price minimum stated below to allow people to Wander through
      • Lagoon Cabin 50k Gold to purchase         – Sold to Lolly
    • Dragons Breath Estate 150k Gold to Purchase      – Sold to Vampire
    • Android Estate 100k Gold to Purchase                   – Sold to Lux
    • Those that are Arching or Seyaning the key will be given back to you after the process is done
    • Auction will be held when a good amount of Folks are on for a Fair Auction

20th May 2015

20th May Updates

  • The infinite Recall Obtained by Tower of Trials is Back and Works Correctly now, If you had the Orb Please Don’t hesitate to Let me know I will refund those whom I asked to trash them.
  • Scrolls Will soon drop in Local areas of Pents and quests That when Clicked on in your inventory it will send you to One of the 2 Available clan lives operating Currently. Be sure to Communicate with your Team/Clan When to use them (If you lag out or Die That is one ticket Be sure to have a pile if your in Competition with Other clans.) This will go into effect once the Respawn timer for the bosses are Decided, We are Aiming to have it Respawn at Different times of the Day or Days
  • On top of Red and Capital Red names In the world you will Notice some Characters holding Tutor Staff and God Titles on them, They Represent the Management Crew So if your lost and don’t understand which Management to Talk to
    • Tutor – Offers Help in Base Understanding of Astonia Reborn and Guide you through your Early Levels, They Can Offer Person to Person Walkthroughs in Quests if they Decide to
    • Staffers – These guys Help Manage the Population. Also Such Duties as a Tutor A staffer can also Opt to Help Walkthroughs.
    • God – Own / Develop / Watch the sever Grow as new creations come to life, Provide Updates and Fixes, They have a Blue Colour name in Public Chat and Have Access to Announcement Channel and Can Announce Downtimes for Updates and Anything else Required
  • New Command Listed for Gods and Staffers, /Shutup Will Allow us to Time Punishments without Kicking you out of the Game (Lets be Honest You learn better by not being able to talk)
  • Some Words have been Filtered but Also the Spam Chat is Currently being worked on you at this moment will not be able to spam chat.

Future Updates.

  • Team Deathmatch Arena, Play against a Certain amount of other players and Strategically Beat your Opponents 4v4 or 6v6 Number has not been Decided,
  • Solo Boss Raids, Fight a Massive Boss with Minions Defending Him Every So often
  • Cameron will soon have Items for Completing Quests
  • Camerons Quest Guide will Show you the way around the new Cameron map That be in order of quests or the quest of your choosing
  • Clan live 100 – 200 Will be made to support these new Scrolls

Stay Tuned

May 12th 2015

  • New Area, Inside Aston, Islenas Demons are pushing to the Surface and a Discovery of Tuefelheim Rises. The demons Call on the help of Humans to Aid in their persistant Rat problem in exchange for rewards and The use of the Gambling for Extra rewards using The chips, Happy Ratting Everyone
  • Merchants all over the land have had their Dialogue Improved, Listen out for them.
  • Combat Speed of Warriors/Seyans is Faster – Be a reminder this is a Beta live Test as Test sever does not offer the real subjects of proper gameplay. Notify Through Contact game if its too much.
  • Inside the sewers Lie dormant, Rat bosses which protect the Sections they Hold, Find them Slay them, and they might just drop some Worth while loot your way
  • Small Bug fixes and Internal Code fixes.
  • Aston has been given a Simpler Cleaner look and the Wolves and Bears do not wander into Aston as much as they should be.
  • Demons all over the land Drop Gamblers Chips and also the Rats inside Tuefelheim itself drops the Coins, Be on the look out.
  • Some spell damage has been increased aswell to balance the Combat increase for warriors/seyans Again Contact if its too strong or too weak Core gameplay is required.

April 24th 2015

Update April 24th 2015

  • Aston Has changed into a City like Centre for Trading and distributing to other players.
  • Three new NPCs have Arrived in town and set up shop in the free space left. They offer Weapons Armor and Soft Gear to all Players

The pits has been Renamed to “Catacombs”

  • You will have to fight your way as a clanned team to make it through the Locked doors. Be sure to hit the Teleporter for your prize (Prize Achievable once per chars life so be sure your the correct level, Also Deaths are not real in the Catacombs as the NPCs inside are rough and Grouped with a even tougher boss)

Long Quest

  • Has now got a Secondary map for more Expansion of Sections to run LQs in. Doors and more Bosses to find for more Loot in the Future

Future Updates: Cameron Quest NPC guide Will see light in helping new players in directions where to go and where to go next.  

12th April 2015

  • Warcry Gear –  Warcry New items to help Seyans and Warriors Gear up with the new potential of Warcry
    • WC/Tact/Attack
    • WC/Tact/Str
    • WC/Tact/Imm
    • WC/Sword/Attack
    • WC/Twohand/Attack
    • WC/Tact/Sword
    • WC/Tact/Twohand
  • New Chat Colours have been Added,
    • Congratulations Channel (C6) Has a change in colour in gratification and Talk
    • Group Chat moved to /C4
    • New Party Chat (Say anything Channel)
    • Tutors (/c30) Colour to Red
    • Staffer. Changed name of Chat to Staffers:
    • God channel (/c32) Changed to Ye God Territory with a White and Blue theme attatched

That is all for now until at a later date:

25th March 2015

  • Cameron Fixes, and some Map changes and Dialogue NPCs now point you to another NPC if they have no more quests for you, Papa bear has been moved to a Cave in the Forest. Search South of the Gate leaving the Village where Pent tutor is. Experience in Quests for Cameron are increased to Equal Penting and Questing, Gear rewards will be added soon for completing quests but they will only be quest items.
  • Zombie Silver Skulls have been added to the Drop Table of the Zombies in All 3 zones of Zombies. Reason for this is So new people have a chance to get a silver skull before attempting to reach Losain.
  • Zombie 3 Shrines for Silver skull Experience is Rewarded in a larger dose.
  • Infinite Recall is taking its leave for now, I am experiencing problems with Handling it to the Abusers in Clan halls, I will Re introduce it again soon once I have Finished Coding it in correctly.
  • Janitor has some Fresh new “Quotes” Listen out for them.
  • Group Dailies Drop Rate has been increased
  • Jeremy has an Old item Re-introduced, May it find some use to the players
  • Ice Army Caves Applied with the new Ranks Past Warlord of Astonia. It will now count them
  • Clan Spawners Jewel Pedestal’s timer has been reduced from 120 to 30s (Reason for this is I’m going to be Evolving Clan Spawners over time Slowly but for now 120s is too long wait even in battle)
  • Infravision potions now lasts 30mins instead of 10mins
  • A Blue Square has been added to Tower of Trials for the Exiting of Boss rooms (Use at your own Risk)
  • Caligar Palace got a buff in Experience, Should be more rewarded for finishing it.

18th March 2015

  • No Escape – No escape has been reduced to nearly no “You cannot escape” During your travels you should rarely see “You cannot escape” in red, You will see No escape in PVP a lot more as it runs off Perception and Stealth as counters. It has been reduce significantly Enjoy!.
  • Lightning Balls – Lightning balls have been cut free of their Delay Time due to the Strength of the Spell itself, You are now able to cast them as fast as your char will let you, Cast breaks Count now for LB, Fire ball Remains 1 second Delay due to the nature Power of Consistent Explosive damage, So spawns will increase.
  • Upcoming – Spawn pedestals will be reduced from 120s to 30s or 20s Depending of my choosing, More will come soon as I come across and Address the issues and or implement new things

13th March 2015

Group Dailies – Got some new Themed areas, 90/110/120/170s have new theme. Be sure to be careful Going past 160s because 160 gets rough.   Dailies – Fixes of the Magical Properties block (Blocking Freeze/Warcry of Both NPC and Player) is now fixed and live.

26th Janurary 2015

To start, Sorry for the down time, had ALOT of issues, client should now read v3.5.25, if not please download HERE. PENT COMPETITION IS ON HOLD TILL FURTHER NOTICE!!!!!!!

  • SU/GU base value cut in half, not so much gold collected from selling to traders.
  • Hell pents level 151-166s now added.
  • Orbman Trader in aston, sells a few orbs at high price.
  • 9 more military ranks added past Warlord of Astonia, you will max at level 166s pent mission about 3 ranks early thought, because I have set the ranking as if we had up to level 200 demons ready for heaven pents.
  • ALOT of new gear sprites have been added, you will soon see!
  • Gold received from Mercenary mission completions has been nerfed a lot.
  • Mining mission exp nerfed aswell, insane giving 6x amount mined in exp.
  • Clan Hall cannons are now 2x stronger.

Ranks Are As Follows:

  1. Warlord of Astonia
  2. Brigadier Gen Reborn
  3. Major Gen Reborn
  4. Lieutenant Gen Reborn
  5. General Reborn
  6. Field Marshal Reborn
  7. Knight of Reborn
  8. Baron of Reborn
  9. Earl of Reborn
  10. Warlord of Reborn

21st Janurary 2015

  • Rd 99 has 2x orbs, Rd 150 has x2 orbs, Rd 200 has 2x orbs.
  • Jewels won from all spawns are now all 10 points.
  • There is now a announcement 10 minutes before every spawn just as a reminder.
  • Macro has been removed from appearing in Sand Arena, if you would like to force him to come in Aston, He appears at Moonies Park.
  • Grimroot now has a short cut door by teleporter through Governor to pent pit.

Just a few small updates as we are also working on bigger updates.

14-15th Janurary 2015

15th Janurary 2015

  • Governor now has 2 choices of missions.
  • Type:
  1. mining
  2. mine mission
  3. mining mission

To receive 7 choices of mining missions.


  • Type:
  1. pent mission
  2. mission

To receive 7 choices penting missions. You can repeat the above to reset the mission so u can adjust to get the lower numbers, my gift to you all, no waiting till 00-00 for reset. I mainly created this for

  1. Getting people into mines as its too good to turn up.
  2. Rotate more SU and GU throughout the game.
  3. Allow high levels to level faster with Ishtar bonus.
  4. A Secondary option to fixing Ranks.

Military Points are as follows:  

 Difficulty Pent Mission Mine Mission
 Very Easy 5 1
 Easy 10 2
 Normal 15 4
 Hard 20 10
 Very Hard 25 25
 Impossible 30 50
 Insane 40 80

14th Janurary 2015

  • Rd’s now go to 200, only cont shrines from 100-200, no extra shrines will be added.
  • The university in Aston, now has signs outside doors for each profession and are lined in 1 side of building now.
  • Jobless pots sold at Jeremy for a high price.
  • Rd orbs are now 2x 75k 125qual, in rd 99.  (in process of making a rd 150 and rd 200 boss for orbs too).

Group Daily’s!

Group daily’s is now live and working, The door is in Aston next to Solo Daily’s, You can do a solo and a group daily every 24 hours.

  • This can be entered for levels 30-200 to all work together and kill as any level ranged groups.
  • Map starts at level 35’s and increases 10 levels each area.
  • There is a ped at the end of each area, choose to take your reward, or continue? choice is yours.
  • At the end of level 165’s, there is a gate, leading to Advanced Area, levels of 175-205 in 2 areas (THERE IS NO PED FROM 175 TO 205).
  • Exp Table CLICK HERE
  • Reward Table is same as solo daily’s.

13th Janurary 2015 – Updates done since last update

  • Pent competition now can only be played in low mirrors, if your kill count isn’t higher then your star count (rightfully it should be double your star count) you will be disqualified.
  • Equipment damage decreased by 50% making equipment last longer before having to repair.
  • Client is currently in the process of getting its overhaul, few plans for that.

Minning Missions Now Buffed too these results:

  • “very easy” = 1 military point, Amount of SU to mine x1= exp for completing (example, 5k SU x1= 5 exp)
  • “easy” = 2 military point, Amount of SU to mine x2 exp
  • “normal” = 4 military point, Amount of SU to mine x3= exp
  • “hard” = 10 military point, Amount of SU to mine x4= exp
  • “very hard” = 25 military point, Amount of SU to mine x5= exp
  • “impossible” = 50 military point, Amount of SU to mine x6 exp
  • “insane” = 80 military point, Amount of SU to mine x7= exp (example, 50k SU x9 = 350k exp)

Mercenary bonus/Ishtar bonus onto of that. Amount to be mined is defined by your current level, but they could also vary.

6th Janurary 2015

  • Just a small client update, cleaned up the banners matching the website.
  • Wont be many updates for the next few days as I am focusing on videos and images and trying to recode the client slowly.

Happy New Years! 2nd January 2015!!!!!

Brand new competition is now in play, Weekly highest pent record in earth fire ice 2x mirror for each of them, hell 103-118 1x mirror, hell 119-150 1x mirror, short competition for this week, starting as of now, ends every sunday  2:00 PM EST, Records will be reset too, top 3 with the most stars from any area/mirror will be recorded into a hall of fame until beaten, prizes will be prizes.


  1. No stealth penters.
  2.  Max 2 characters only, 1 character per mirror.
  3. I will validate records each week.
  4. People who break rules, will be disqualified instantly.
  5. All together I expect you to be penting within your level range.

Other Updates

  • New anti macro/bot system, ill say no more!.
  • Did a lot of changes to some internal code for website, which you will soon see.

29th December 2014

  • Lightning should be more balanced now with the loss of duration being cut 25%.
  • Freeze has been buffed (testing stage)
  • Cameron pents been opened up to more full map open world penting in Cameron
  • Exp is now shown when completing quests
  • Gods are now coloured blue in channels

27 December 2014

  • Cameron got an new look in preparation for the new players who will come into our game and transition to the combat/Learning phase, Enhancing Cameron to look more cleaner and efficient. Some of the quests have been restored and some have been redone shorter or a new path to freshen up Cameron. More will be added to Cameron in a later date.
  • Lighting spell now does more damage in less time but shortened Duration time to compensate the damage.
  • Broklin now does SU/GU trades Go check him out. He offers 2 GU for every 5 SU traded with him.
  • Removed Christmas Decorations for 2014
  • Macro is a bit of a worry now, Watch out.
  • There is now a book in RWW in front of the Apprentice, if you use that it will tell you what level RWW you are on and how many orb stands you have touched
  • Orbs are now split able in half by clicking on orb with a empty cursor for easier quality fixes and for easy selling for when you don’t want to sell your whole orb.
  • Mines buffed for more finds and piles of su/gu, especially for Ishtar bonus. Minning missions could impress you.

22nd December 2014

  • Small Reborn Christmas treasure has been placed, MIN LEVEL 25, You have till 26th to make level 25s , ENJOY!
  • HINT: Its Guard-ed
  • Pent Adjustment: If your character level is 100+ you can touch any pents without it saying, “you are to high level to touch this pent”, implemented for high level’s with low ranks wanted to build it up with pent missions, I don’t want to see any level 100+ characters in earth/fire.

21st Decemeber 2014

  • New boss created long and far away for those to pass 200 bases to max out to 255, get searching.
  • Client update for banner/icon and if you click on the client in taskbar it will minimize the game, stops the random popping up of game at the most annoying times, removal of the surfaceloss error, and fixed sound.
  • Mil points buffed for pent missions.
  • Level 135-150 hell demons added, 3rd door in Grimroot pent pit.
  • Another client update including Lock equipment, click the lock button by game time, or f10 to activate and deactivate it, stops the accident swapping of equipment in and out.

18th December 2014

  • Hell Underground key fixed, collect all 3 pieces for markus to forge them automatically.
  • Can now store SU/GU in clan, hand the amount to clerk, viewable in /clan like treasure, can only be withdrawn by rank 3 and 4’s and to withdraw say “withdraw su [amount]” or “withdraw gu [amount]”.
  • Previous update to Alchemy was a fail, works perfectly now so all new pot combinations on forum under misc can now start being used, find out for yourself what each does, with removal of needing full moon, but solstice and equinox still there for duration purposes.
  • Hell pents 121’s fixed as they were spawning as 122’s.
  • Bone Tower’s door is now set to max level 200, from 105.
  • Demetrius in exk forest is now fixed, as his state was skipping the first quest.
  • Tunnels revamped, with new look and new npc in place.
  • Few fixes and commands set for god’s ourselves.
  • Key removed for solo daily chest in aston.

15th December 2014

  • Added Live Quests from Old World, In process of creating new save files for instant loads
  • All new stat potions, check the forum under MISC for flower combination, find out for yourself for what each combination can do!
  • Decided not to use a pass the max system for bases, Free raise to 255, so use your experience wisely!

13th December 2014

  • Aston Pits fixed due to bosses for each area getting trapped behind locked doors
  • Hell pents 119-134 added
  • /killpotion command added to remove current stat potions active
  • Increased lillys quest drop chances in pents on monster called “Loot Demon”
  • Solo Dailys Quest had a little make over

4th December 2014 – Updates done since last update

  • Client Update for new Xmas sprites, look out for the new candy cane recieved by answering Saint Nick(Macro Daemon) then add to tree in aston
  • Beating Ishtar in HU allows you to have 3x professions and a hidden bonus to all professions you currently have
  • Increase exp/mili gain from gov missions
  • Added something special to the back of mines 10-80
  • All pents improved, opened every area up and added more pentegrams
  • Max base 200, Max Level 200 (next update will be for passing that max to 100 stats to raise past 200)
  • Spawns converted back to normal, we decided the normal was fine
  • Aston Pit added, see how far you can get 🙂
  • Fix alot over the period from last update
  • Rd’s go up to 150 (orbs moved there too), in progress adding more secondary shrines(indi/security glitching in questlog atm)
  • Added level 50-70 Clan Live event
  • Leaving and Joining clan, 1 hour wait time
  • No wait time to ask for another gov mission, can instantly start another one
  • Dont have to repeat labs to arch seyan, only for seyans created from this date
  • Timer added to chests, so you can see how long till you can grab the chest again
  • Increased Strength of stones again (making sets and spawners getting fun =P)
  • Fire/Ice/Hell pent demons weakened, to adjust to 2-3 demon spawning from pentegram
  • Little map adjustments everywhere, making things nicer
  • Bone tower is all level 50 poles now and added one to the long bridge

15th November 2014

  • Brand New Aston Map
  • Pent demons dont roam as far, and dont have far attack range
  • More stars been placed around earth pents
  • Rww keys doubled from stones given to NPC
  • Brann Jewel Keys and Pick Axe key dont delete after completion
  • Spawn levels change to Lowspawn = 5-40, Midspawn = 42-74, Highspawn = 80-200
  • Few small fixes to few other maps
  • Security potions purchasable in Jeremy
  • Torch pots now come in 30 mins and 60 minutes duration at Jeremy
  • BlackSmith near aston mines now sells SU and GU at double the price as Lori

10th November 2014 – Updates done since last update

  • Added Hell Underground, Be prepared!!!
  • Added Brand new bran forest, with a new quest
  • Removed adam quest from aston
  • Removed jasmin’s quest from cameron
  • Decreased drop rate for stones/eq slightly but increased stone str/qual quite generously
  • Added level 30-50 Clan Live event
  • Added more gear
  • Added new grimroot map
  • Added New Brann Map
  • Freeze was buffed slightly, Preparing for freeze ball AOE
  • Increased pent monsters to spawn 2 on touching pentegram
  • New client update for 6 new quests
  • New clan hall map

31st October 2014

  • Increased the cap for trashing items to 500g, being able to trash singles,duals,tris.

29th October 2014

  • Increased walking speed by 12.5% giving a little bit more gameplay speed (does not increase attack speed)
  • New update to client, finished improvements to client layout again
  • Added remaining points needed to level Mili
  • Spaced rd lists out ready for more shrines
  • New Artwork, you’ll see it
  • Increased rate of spawned demon’s in pents
  • More gear added to drop table
  • Preparing for addon to a skill

26th October 2014

  • New update to client, finished improvements to client layout
  • Added to RD list showing all RD’s you have available to you
  • Few more pieces of equipment added to drop table
  • Dailys is now broken down into level gaps for the rewards, 10-20, 20-30, 30-40, 40-50, 50+

25th October 2014

  • Macro is something special for the up coming halloween event, trick or treat!
  • GM in exk sewers now accepts quest items whilst talking about that quest
  • Can now target lightning balls out of a fight
  • Improve stone quality and increased strength a small bit

22th October 2014

  • New Client Update
  • Client now also shows exp remaining to level!
  • New Exk Forest with 3 new quests
  • New Exk Town with 5 new quests
  • New Tower of Trials Map Click here to see
  • All quest exp rewards throughout game have been buffed quite reasonably
  • All healing pots now delete themselfs after use

20th October 2014

  • 4% exp bonus added to pent solves, with another 4% exp bonus to clan pent bonus

19th October 2014

  • Daily quests now set with 26 reward chances, 6 chances to not get a reward, original completion exp is still the same
  • Torch potions now added, 10 min duration and 30 minute duration, purchase from Jeremy in aston or Jaxon in RD’s
  • Tunnels reduced to 10x, with added showen values of exp and military recieved

18th October 2014

  • Added All silvered and gold gear from OldWorld into game
  • New Brann map added
  • Added trader to Rd’s

16th October 2014

  • Mines now buffed for more frequent finds
  • Lilly questlog staying open is now fixed, go see her to close the questlog
  • Who’s online and Top 50 now works

13th October 2014

  • All New EQ Table, 300+ new Set Items Added
  • New Website, Prep For Account Management

8th October 2014

  • Drop Table for EQ increased x2.
  • DL rooms always open.
  • Regen start time kicks in after 2 seconds instead of 4 seconds


  • Making Orbs alot easier now, 2x generally, then enhancer prof and clan enhancer ontop of that.
  • Max gear base now +25, with GU = +30
  • Max Base is 150….. for now! :p
  • Max Level is a secret. Be the first to find out!
  • All New rings/ammys/weapons added, more to come!
  • /hints to turn hints off, and /joinall to join all channels. Thanks to Valadez for that.
  • Minning Mission.
  • Hell Pents 103 -135
  • Solve count lowered
  • Cam pents and earth Pents drop rate increased slightly


  • Full Map Rework
  • Cam Pents
  • New Quests


  • Full Map Rework
  • Stat Reset Shrine (useable once per char)
  • Daily Quests
  • Clan Spawn Palace
  • New Quests

More to come

  • Group Dailys
  • Gamblers Paradise
  • Minoa Replacement
  • Heaven Pents
  • More Unique Items
  • PVP map
  • Nomads Quests
  • Clan Live War Zone
  • Live Quests (not OP like Old World)
  • Plenty Plenty More!