Christmas Update 2022

Merry Christmas To All!!
My Family and I wish you all the best holiday season.

This update is quite a large one, additions and changes as listed below.
I hope you enjoy everything, feedback is more then welcome.

Christmas Event Is NOW Live!!!
Surprises come in all sorts of forms. Find your gift from me to you!
I am sure you will find where I have hidden it 🙂 GOOD LUCK and have fun!!!!!!!!!

Gear Changes:
I am giving the ability to raise ALL gear to a maximum of +30, removing the need to go 4/5x stats in a set which will allow a player to gear the less important stats as well.
Not to worry about level 140 raiders changing too much as the diverse builds are still held in the amount of base stats that can be raised for 140.
The max plus a level 140 can wear is +27/32 GU’d so one can almost max a stat at 3x (missing 4 mods) which is no different then currently running 4x +20/24.

The reason for this change is for those that level higher then 140 to 215, ability to raise gear and mod more stats during this leveling progression will mod your character better and give more balance towards PVE content that you can do IE Random Dungeons, Tunnels, Dailys, the above new Dungeon Boss content and in future higher level mines/pents.
What to expect at the repairing levels below:
+30 Tri stat piece (minimum level 157)
+30/33 Tri SU’d at 110% effectivity
+30/36 Tri GU’d at 120% effectivity
+30/45 Tri Platinum’d at 150% effectivity

+30 Quad Stat piece (all quads minimum level 200 +1-30)
+30/33 Quad SU’d at 110% effectivity
+30/36 Quad GU’d at 120% effectivity
+30/45 Quad Platinum’d at 150% effectivity

Orbman (Edmund) 90% orb return, was 75% (for those who did not know, orbman gives higher orbage return for a piece that is repaired. The su/gu/plat increases the strength to create the higher effectivity for that certain plus )
Orbman also fixed to return the proper quality orb return.

Nerf/fixing Hand to Hand gloves.
Gloves were:
WV = 22.50
speed +6
Gloves will now be:
WV = 19.95
(no speed and no defense loss)
EVERYONES gloves will adjust automatically if already worn when logging in or when attempting to wear.

* When picking up items from ground, item will go straight into first available inventory space. If inventory full, item will be in your cursor hand.

* Have fixed /orb command to split correctly by amount and set the correct quality on both orbs.

* You can now hold a Enhance Orb in your cursor and click on the stones to Enhance your orbs. (stone in cursor to orb will still work also).

* 215 pvp balance reworked, still need community input and testing to get this 100% right.

* Significantly reduced the prices of ALL Recalls and Healing Potions.

* Fixed F7/stealth key bug spamming in Daily Area.

* Rare Military Chests are now ALOT more RARE for the Christmas Season.