Announcement 14/11/2022

Hello All,
Been meaning to make this post for a while now.
Just a small update of what has been going lately.
I have spent a mixture of time rebuilding the Game Client into a new engine and working on the New PVE, PVP, PVPVE content. solo/group/clan and other small things.

For those who are interested in the client progress information below:
I have successfully replicated and rewritten for the better, most of the backend code into a new engine. This involves the network connection and continuous communication, all data information needed for the playing character being name/stats/level/inventory/depot/equipped items/chat/spells/animations/movement etc as well as all other things in the world IE enemys/npcs/interactions/map information etc.
The testing environment is currently a isometric view within a complete 3D world, which is just a place holder for easier early stage testing but it also future proofing the option to have the game easily be a in a 3D world but this may or may not happen in future.

The Plan is to reuse ALL of Astonia’s current tiled 2D graphics and the game/world will look no different then it currently does.
What will change is the User Interface and the way you interact with the client and improvement of animations and graphics.
This involves the removal of the ctrl/alt/shift keys completely and the chat will be in transparent mode until activated with the ENTER key (like most games) allowing usage of individual keys for spells/attacks and single click interactions as well as visual channel selection instead of typing the channel prior to text (will still allow the manual typing of /c1 or /c2 for instance).
The User Interface for stats/inventory/equipped/timers/questlog/help menu etc will be individual opening/closing/visible components via hotkeys through UI interaction menu.

One of the biggest improvements will be having the ability to scroll in and out of your view and playing the game at a zoom that suits the player.

In Addition to the client, I have created an Account Registration/Management/Character Creation/Client Updater system like most other games, making the need for website almost redundant.
The new client will be operational on all operating systems and will eventually be playable on Andriod/iOS devices after the PC release has been tested and polished.
To finish, I have spent a lot more time then I planned on this client but due to progress going very well, it has been very enjoyable to work on.
With the progress of new client, I hope to have an alpha test playable within the next 12 months.
Dont be worried about current in game progression because the new client works for the current server alongside the old client for now.

New Content:
I have been developing a large system for the New PVE, PVP, PVPVE content. solo/group/clan.
My aim has been to create the PURE PVE map/system first to release for playing and polishing which this content can be played with friends/clans/groups or solo.

This content is planned to be constantly repeatable and a new means of leveling solo/together with the rewards being ALL random resources at a loss comapred to the dedicated areas/objectives for those resources.
I’ll keep certain things a secret and let the players enjoy the new unknown experience.
Objective is to stay alive/farm/find the constant moving Dungeon Bosses.
Enter harder leveled dungeons for better rewards/exp (if you can handle it) 😀

Planned Release Date for this will be for the new year in January.

Gear Changes:
To prepare for this new content I am releasing a gear change update to help with balancing at higher levels which will change levels gaps 140-215.
I will release this with the Christmas Update/Event for December.

What’s involved with this gear change?
I am giving the ability to raise ALL gear to a maximum of +30, removing the need to go 4/5x stats in a set which will allow a player to gear the less important stats as well.
Not to worry about level 140 raiders changing too much as the diverse builds are still held in the amount of base stats that can be raised for 140.
The max plus a level 140 can wear is +27/32 GU’d so one can almost max a stat at 3x (missing 4 mods) which is no different then currently running 4x +20/24.

The reason for this change is for those that level higher then 140 to 215, ability to raise gear and mod more stats during this leveling progression will mod your character better and give more balance towards PVE content that you can do IE Random Dungeons, Tunnels, Dailys, the above new Dungeon Boss content and in future higher level mines/pents.
What to expect at the repairing levels below:
+30 Tri stat piece (minimum level 157)
+30/33 Tri SU’d at 110% effectivity
+30/36 Tri GU’d at 120% effectivity
+30/45 Tri Platinum’d at 150% effectivity

+30 Quad Stat piece (all quads minimum level 200 +1-30)
+30/33 Quad SU’d at 110% effectivity
+30/36 Quad GU’d at 120% effectivity
+30/45 Quad Platinum’d at 150% effectivity

Due to the gear changes Orbman will return 90% orbage for the gear handed in, but one will also need more orb to raise gear to the wanted level.
Christmas event will also help with the need for more orb and platinum