DiGiTaL CoRrUpTiOn

DemoskinosArch Mage (M)140: KiNg Of CoRrUpTiOn (4)
PogchampArch Warrior (M)140: KiNg Of CoRrUpTiOn (4)
JamesfrancoArch Mage (M)140: KiNg Of CoRrUpTiOn (4)
KromxxMage (M)1: KiNg Of CoRrUpTiOn (4)
ThurArch Seyan Du (M)112: DiGiTaL BaD-AsS (3)
TankinsteinArch Warrior (M)50: DiGiTaL BaD-AsS (3)
AkishaaWarrior (F)17: DiGiTaL BaD-AsS (3)
NimbusBattlemage (M)12: DiGiTaL BaD-AsS (3)
SpicyArch Warrior (M)122DiGiTaL CoRrUpToR (2)
AkatArch Seyan Du (F)121DiGiTaL CoRrUpToR (2)
DannydevitoArch Monk (M)104DiGiTaL CoRrUpToR (2)
SchoppenhauerArch Mage (M)62DiGiTaL CoRrUpToR (2)
GuntherArch Seyan Du (M)49DiGiTaL CoRrUpToR (2)
GenesisSeyan Du (M)17DiGiTaL CoRrUpToR (2)
JfortyArch Battlemage (M)40DiGiTaL SpAwN (1)
SpicyfortyArch Warrior (M)40DiGiTaL SpAwN (1)
DcthirtyArch Mage (F)30DiGiTaL SpAwN (1)
JthirtyArch Battlemage (M)30DiGiTaL SpAwN (1)
SpicytwentyWarrior (M)20DiGiTaL SpAwN (1)
DirtySeyan Du (M)17DiGiTaL SpAwN (1)
HifiveWarrior (M)17DiGiTaL SpAwN (1)
SpicyfifteenWarrior (M)15DiGiTaL SpAwN (1)
JebaitedWarrior (M)1DiGiTaL SpAwN (1)
StevenseagalArch Warrior (M)200: CoRrUpTeD (0)
DiemonzArch Seyan Du (M)61: CoRrUpTeD (0)
MagusxArch Mage (M)50: CoRrUpTeD (0)
JamesArch Warrior (M)40: CoRrUpTeD (0)
PentmanWarrior (M)34: CoRrUpTeD (0)
KonsArch Monk (M)30: CoRrUpTeD (0)
KubaMage (M)25: CoRrUpTeD (0)
AnkhesenamunMage (F)20: CoRrUpTeD (0)
AkatsukiWarrior (M)20: CoRrUpTeD (0)
ChifuyuMage (M)20: CoRrUpTeD (0)
MrsmithMage (M)20: CoRrUpTeD (0)
MixMonk (M)17: CoRrUpTeD (0)
LilithMage (F)14: CoRrUpTeD (0)
BajiSeyan Du (M)5: CoRrUpTeD (0)
FractusWarrior (M)5: CoRrUpTeD (0)
BankWarrior (M)2: CoRrUpTeD (0)
VincentflamezMage (M)1: CoRrUpTeD (0)
StatusWarrior (M)1: CoRrUpTeD (0)
ItadoriWarrior (M)1: CoRrUpTeD (0)

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